Happy Monday

When was the last time you intentionally closed your eyes and thought of something that made you happy? Especially at work. We all take moments to think about what we need to do next. We think about where we need to be both immediately and in the future. We dwell on what we should have done. Or what we should have said or responded with.


We have so many racing thoughts. So many items to do on our never-ending growing to-do lists. So many e-mails to respond to. So many meetings on the calendar. So many deadlines.


But how often do we stop to embrace happy thoughts?


Challenge yourself today and take a moment to think of a happy thought. Set a timer for a minute and really focus on it. It might sound easy, or even silly. Or maybe you feel like you just don’t have time. But believe me, you can spare one minute.


Close your eyes and come into a more mindful state as you begin to think of the happy thought. Notice how you feel when you think of that happy thought. Where does your mind go? How does your body feel? After your timer goes off, sit silently and reflect on how your mood has changed.


Taking this moment to think of a happy thought can change your mood for the entire day. Allow yourself to regain the ability to prevent time or other people from controlling you and your mind. You can clear away the mental clutter that is keeping you from focusing on the real task at hand.


Happy Monday!

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