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Find Your Edge Through Mindfulness
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Why Meditate?
Have you noticed that certain habits have begun to control you and your behavior, spontaneity, creativity and decisiveness? Do you truly feel in control?


Research indicates that we have more than 70 thoughts a minute, or more than 4,000 per hour. Yogic philosophies suggest that we have 1,000 thoughts in the blink of an eye, which equates to 3.5 million thoughts per hour.


There is no doubt that this overload of stimuli affects us, dominates our waking life, and even our sleep. Our mind wanders to rehash past memories or worry about the future. No wonder many of us struggle to concentrate, stay focused and be happy in the present moment. Our current obsession with devices makes this dynamic even worse.


Meditation clears out the clutter, including unnecessary thoughts and recurring concerns, so that you may find your edge through mindfulness. It is the balm to settle the mind.

Meditation Benefits

  • Clearer strategic problem solving
  • More confident and intuitive decision making
  • Improved creative flow
  • Feelings of ecstasy and high without drugs
  • Sounder sleep, with deeper REM sleep
  • More awareness within team settings
  • Improved sex life

What is Clarity Kingdom?
Clarity Kingdom is a bespoke meditation consultancy that helps highly-stressed individuals regain their edge with a clear mind so that they can be their best self and take control.


There is no one-size-fits-all model because we are all individuals dealing with our own stressors. All meditation practices are personalised to help you achieve your best results. What works best for you is not the same as what will work for others; that fact is fundamental to our approach. Before we begin your guided meditation practice, we will discuss your unique challenges and goals, and adjust your practice over time as these change.


Our resources include thousands of ancient meditations that have helped people for centuries find contentment, creativity, gain energy and build their intuition.  Together, we will work together to find the right, bespoke meditation for you.


Sample Meditations:


  • Breath to Become Fearless
  • Awaken and Unleash Your Creativity
  • Visualization into Actualization
  • Daily Shift
  • Observe and Release Attachments
  • Anti-Aging Tonic
  • Conquer Negativity
  • Anchor Your Energy


Our shared practice will include yogic lifestyle coaching to help you maintain your calm and awareness in the office and at home. You can be a yogi on and off your mat.

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About Heather
Heather Berse is a Yoga Alliance advanced certified teacher in Meditation and Yogic Lifestyle & Awareness. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and has studied for more than 500 hours with Kia Miller, master teacher and founder of Radiant Body.


Heather understands the craze of the workplace and the obsessive tendencies this builds. Having worked at top advertising agencies in New York City and Los Angeles, she knows how the distracted and disquiet mind interferes with strategic problem solving, creativity, and team functioning. She has seen these problems first hand, and is now focused on using the tools she has amassed to help others overcome career obsession.


Heather is a sought after teacher who offers individual meditation guidance, group classes and workshops to highly-stressed individuals.


Heather lives in charming Notting Hill, London, with her husband and son.

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