Divine Conversations: Reflections

This post is part of a creative writing project, which has been divinely inspired by my recent studies in Chinese and Japanese philosophy.


It is a warm spring day.


Teacher says, The sun makes such a difference. Truly.


Student replies, Your eyes must be dancing.


Teacher exclaims, Oh they are so happy. They really are. It is like being released from the depths of a dark cave, just like Persephone! Still I am grateful for the sight that I have. Some have lost the ability to see this beautiful world altogether. Well, Hashem (universal energy) has a plan for us all. We achieve peace and balance by embracing it, in whatever form that it manifests.


Thought for reflections: We deeply learn the lessons of gratitude and appreciation when we master turning a “handicap” into a blessing. Where could you put this lesson into play and rise from an experience?

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