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Be Mindful During Your Commute

Commuting. Standing on a crowded train, feeling like a sardine packed in a tin. Sitting in traffic, surrounded by aggressive, impatient drivers and trying to keep your cool. Columbia, SC personal injury lawyers can provide assistance if you're injured in a traffic accident during your...

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Using Breath to Open the Heart

How do we keep our hearts open amidst all the negativity around us? How do we keep our hearts open even during the toughest times when we just want to shut down and turn off? Are we strong enough to not let the negativity affect...

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You Are What You Think

Isn’t it amazing at times, and even laughable in hindsight, that such small things can affect our mood, concentration and detract us from feeling like our best selves? These instances may cause us to shake our head or roll our eyes. We know that we are...