Get in Tune

Our bodies are amazing. They are fascinating pieces of equipment, at the same time strong, powerful, delicate and intricate. Yogis have described the body as an instrument with 72,000 strings, symbolising the elaborate energy channels that effect our moods, behaviours and thoughts.


Close your eyes and visualise yourself having a day in flow, where all of your strings are being strummed to make beautiful sounds. The rich music uplifts others around you to states of hope and happiness.


Now think of how an instrument sounds when not in tune. We know right away that something is off and that the notes do not sound right. Now consider that a violin has four strings. Even so, it is a lot of work to keep a violin in tune, and now compare that to our bodies with 72,000 metaphorical strings. With even one string out of tune, the other 71,999 strings can be affected. If you eat one thing that doesn’t agree with your stomach, for example, it can ripple throughout the body and even emotionally drag you down. Or stress. Or relentless, unhelpful thoughts.


So if we begin to thinking of our body as an instrument with 72,000 strings, would that help us to be more mindful of the choices we make both internally and externally? Would we check in with ourselves more often to stay in tune? And would we keep practicing each day to find the rhythm for a harmonious life?


Just like a violinist cares for its instrument, try these practices to keep your body and mind vibrating in harmony:


  • Daily tune up. Break a sweat daily with exercise.
  • Use the right strings. Feed the body the right fuel that agrees with you. Take your vitamins. Drink enough water.
  • Care for the bow for clear sounds. Follow your intuitive voice, and leave the resistance, the dirt and the grime behind.
  • Focus as you practice. Mastering one pointed attention, and concentration.
  • Clean with a soft cloth. Nurture the body. Bathe it. Moisturize it!
  • Put it back in its case after use…. Give yourself time to rest and rejuvenate.
  • And lock the case. Without unnecessary distractions such as electronic devices.
  • Most importantly, keep practicing. Tune into your mindfulness and keep practicing each day. Allow the practice to go from dedication to devotion.


With all of the body’s 72,000 strings in tune, you will hopefully awaken to a new clarity which is accompanied by more ease concerning our perceptions of life, thoughts, and intuitions. We see danger coming and move away. Or we see a path of less resistance which we choose to follow. All in all, we can be our own great teacher if we keep coming back and practice mastering our bodies and minds. There is always more to learn. And if we keep learning with an open heart and a smile, it will make this journey sound so much sweeter.

  • Excellent post, Heather. Very Clear.

    January 20, 2017 at 12:07 am
  • Stephanie Denzel

    very creative! good share

    January 21, 2017 at 7:39 am