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There’s a Way through Every Block

We all have days when we feel insignificant, or that we just did not do enough. Maybe time escaped us, or maybe we were just feeling uninspired. Instead of letting thoughts of hopelessness manifest, I encourage you to see these moments as opportunities instead of...

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The Amazing Benefits of Thought Journaling

Research indicates that we have more than 70 thoughts a minute, or more than 4,000 per hour. Yogi Bhajan, a yogic philosopher, suggest that we have 1,000 thoughts in the blink of an eye, which equates to 3.5 million thoughts per hour.   Thought journaling is one...

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My New Chapter

The final episode of Mad Men ended with Don Draper sitting atop a bluff in Big Sur, California, meditating. Sometimes, as they say, life imitates art.   I have always been passionate about advertising, and after graduating from university┬áI followed my dreams and worked as a Mad...