There’s a Way through Every Block

We all have days when we feel insignificant, or that we just did not do enough. Maybe time escaped us, or maybe we were just feeling uninspired. Instead of letting thoughts of hopelessness manifest, I encourage you to see these moments as opportunities instead of moments of weakness. We cannot live in the present if we are engulfed by emotions. Now is your time to practice opening up your consciousness and moving into a deeper mindfulness practice.


I recommend that you close your door, dim the lights and begin five minutes of long deep breathing. On the inhale, feel the belly and chest expand like you are blowing up a balloon. On the exhale, feel like you are letting air out of balloon. Let all of the negativity dissipate. When you think that you have exhaled out as much as you can, pull the diaphragm up and squeeze your abdominals. Continue the long deep breaths. If the mind begins to wander, tell it sweetly and softly that it is time to calm and still. You can even repeat this Yogi Bhajan quote to yourself, ‚ÄúThere’s a Way through Every Block.”


When your timer goes off, try to sit quietly for three minutes. Imagine filling your mind, body and heart with compassion and gratitude. Let those positive vibrations and thoughts radiate out.


If you have time, consider writing in your journal and pondering the ways you have been living below your potential. Then, list the ways that you been evolving. Lastly, silently reflect on what you have learned about yourself during this journaling exercise.


What other techniques have you tried to bring yourself out of a funk? Please share them below so that others can learn and thrive!

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