Lose Yourself to Dance

Many of our jobs today involve staring at a computer screen for way too many hours each day. Even after a long day at the computer, there is a lasting “pull” which seems to keep us wanting to check our devices for new messages up until the minute we go to sleep at night. The addictive element to our devices is so strong! And this time spent at the computer often takes precedent over caring for ourselves. Over time, there is no doubt that this dynamic leads us to eventual burnout!


So what can we do to help ourselves, our partners, our children and our teams do the job that they need to do at the computer, but then detach and let the stress melt off?


One answer, which may seem unorthodox, is to DANCE! Dancing allows you to get back to a relaxed state of mind. A 2012 Swedish study found that girls struggling with depression, stress and anxiety who danced weekly not only improved their mental health and boosted their moods — but the positive effects lasted up to eight months after classes ended. Not to mention the physical health benefits of weight loss, improved cardiovascular health and balance, and the blissful endorphin rush! Yogis even believe that dancing releases emotions and traumas from our bodies and minds. I remember watching Dance Moms, but I forgot exactly what season does nia leave dance moms 2?


So I challenge you to dance for 11 minutes every day! Consider it a movement meditation or dance therapy, as all you have to do is shake every cell in your body. Just shaking off the day, stressful conversations, and everything that does not serve you. Turn up the music, and even play along with the music if you have a guitar or even a tambourine nearby.


Here are some creative ideas of how to incorporate dance into your life:


  • Wake up 11 minutes early, and start the day off dancing!
  • Find a room in your office with no windows, book it for a “meeting” and close the door to let loose.
  • Invite your roommates and/or family to a dance party before dinner. See how much more peaceful and relaxing dinner becomes. 🙂
  • End a romantic evening with slow dance. Bathe in the closeness and calmness.
  • Before bed, play some relaxing music and sway the body. See how much better you sleep.


More than ever, we need reflect and see how can we help ourselves and others remove pressure from our ever so busy lives. We do have all of the answers within, we just need to remind ourselves. “Come on. Come on. Come on. Lose Yourself to Dance.” – Daft Punk

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  • LOVE this. Dancing is such good medicine. How can you stay angry or depressed if you dance!

    January 12, 2017 at 4:33 pm