Tools for Not So Rapid Transformation

A year and half ago I wrote a blog post called Tools for Rapid Transformation. While making use of these tools has been life-altering for me and I continue to stand by them, one thing that I have come to recognise is that certain changes take time, and that’s okay. We are constantly growing and changing. And for most of us, we just do not get it right the first time. Taking time to relax and ponder becomes a necessity. Time to ponder the progress we are making, or sometimes, we are not making. Time to see the patterns and connections in our lives. Time to listen to our inner voice, our intuitive mind.


May these Tools for Not So Rapid Transformation inspire you to reflect on your current path and remember that the peace you have on your journey is just as important as the destination.     


  •     Patience. Commit to the practice of patience throughout the entire day. Everything will get done in the correct divine time. Learn to find patience with yourself, with those who are around you, and with those who are far away.
  •     You do not need to prove anything nor explain all that is happening with you as you change. May your actions of grace and kindness speak on your behalf. It is more than okay to go inward and spend more time listening in social settings.
  •     Take time to nurture yourself. Allow the moments of boredom or frustration to become moments to give back to yourself. My new favourite thing is candle lit showers. Why can’t you do something just like this every evening?
  •     Keep clearing away the clutter, and get rid of everything in your closet and home that does not feel like you. The universe will fill you up with more than you can imagine once you let go of both the physical and emotional old. This new emptiness will lead to fullness.
  •     Accept that teachings come from everything, everyone and everywhere in any given moment. It will probably be during those unexpected, spontaneous moments. Slowing down will help you consciously process them.
  •     Gratitude for life! Keep coming back to heart-centred thoughts and actions throughout it all.


We are all here in these lives–hopefully long, healthy, fruitful and ones–to help our souls evolve. Some more challenging lessons may ultimately be the reason that we are here on earth. May this reality be your reason for continuing to live your best self in every moment and appreciate the not so rapid.


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