Tools for Rapid Transformation

Two years ago, I told my husband that I was going to die early due to stress, and I was serious. I knew I had to make a change. Last week marks the one year anniversary of my trip to India, which was a turning point in my life. My eyes were opened. I felt empowered to live life with greater ease because I decided that I was ready to shift.


This is not an article about how to become a yogi or meditation teacher, but to give you hope that you can change. Positive change can happen.


In the words of my teacher Kia Miller, “In order to raise our awareness as human beings, and to excel and enjoy each moment of our life, we must have an understanding of our mind and learn to direct, develop and apply it… [as] if we are not diligent we may grow weeds in the mind.”


Every morning, no matter what, I do a Kundalini yoga set and meditate. I prune back my restless mind and let my true self-identity blossom. Throughout the day, I try to be in a conscious state of mind allowing both the sun and dark clouds to come through. This on-going process has forced me to address and let go of layers of stored memories, fantasies, coloured thoughts and untrue masks. With discipline and devotion, I have been able to resolve deep core issues at the subconscious level.


I am proud to share the tools that I used to help me move through my rapid transformation. Yes, rapid because this is what I learned and experienced in one year. And believe that you can too!




  1. Set an intention. Give yourself time and space to make a commitment. 

Action: Write it down!

2. Drop the ego. Most barriers to success are self-created, and the ego is the biggest one.

Action: Let go of thinking that you have the answers, and that you are in control.

  1. Go inward for the answers. It is easier to ask others for advice. Trust yourself and listen to your intuition. Then transformation begins.

Action: With meditation or not, sit quietly. Answers will come to you.

  1. Have a trusted guide. You do not have to go through big changes alone.

Action: Find someone to support you who will have no bias and does not pass judgment. Your guide will be even more effective if they have already been on a similar journey.

  1. Find a support circle. As you change, so do your friends. It becomes a detriment to your success if you keep hanging around with the people who remind you of the past.

Action: Look for inspirational people to lift you up. And it is okay to have nights where you are alone, and accept that it is meant to be that way for now. You will meet you new people who are on the same wavelength.

  1. Challenge yourself. Diamonds get formed with pressure! You will not make progress by metaphorically hiding in a cave. When challenges come up, try to find a neutral mind to work through the block.

Action: Do one thing a day that scares you. When you are ready, try different challenges like traveling or spending time with your family.

  1. Share to inspire. Even if you feel that you are not fully there, share, because no one has it all figured out. Shared lessons learned could help others avoid making the same mistake.

Action: Get out there and share.

  1. Give back and serve. To continue improving ourselves, we must perform acts of love and kindness. Allow yourself to move beyond illusions of personal gain and unreasonable expectations into a ­place of grace and gratitude.

Action: Volunteer selflessly. And during the darkest days when you feel stuck, turn to the tool of altruism to lift you up.


Our blocks of stress and unrest are not permanent blocks. We all have so much more to explore and experience. May these tools which have allowed me to make a rapid transformation help you make yours. I truly believe that the best is yet to come.

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