This is final post of our series on Emotions, in which we have explored Jealousy, Sadness, and Anger (a few months earlier), and are now ready to finish on Happiness!


When asked “What is happiness?” Aristotle said, “Happiness depends on you.” In other words, Aristotle turns this question back on all of us to consider for ourselves.


There are endless factors which influence our happiness, both consciously and subconsciously. However, there are elements of happiness which seem to be universal, and by becoming aware of and remembering these elements, your own happiness is more easily within reach. 


Happiness cannot be bought, it can only be found within. We might find enjoyment buying a new ferrari suv purosangue 2022, or a delicious chocolate bar, but it is not true happiness. These things may serve as a boost, but the way we spend our resources should bring us closer to the greater purpose that we are manifesting, as opposed to substitute for it. The ability to find gratitude for where you are now, what you posses and everything else that is already available to you will lead you to greater ease. Remember, each breath of life is a gift!


We cannot grasp on to happiness and hang on with all of our might. We need to understand that happiness is fleeting. It is fluid like water and comes in waves. Therefore, we must find trust that we will experience happiness again soon as the tides go out and come back in. Feeling attached to our happiness is one way to keep it further at bay.


We cannot associate with all of our thoughts. We like to believe that our mind has the best intentions to lead us away from pain and towards pleasure and happiness. In reality, sometimes our minds can be our greatest enemy, bringing our attention to an infinite number of thoughts which make us restless and keep us further from happiness. Only once we realise that many of these thoughts are superfluous, leading us further away from what our souls need for fulfilment, can we make progress towards feeling true peace and happiness.


Happiness is meant to be shared. When you’re happy, your presence uplifts others around you. Whether it be a smile, laugh or just your relaxed state of being, your spirit radiates outward and elevates others. It’s infectious. Another great way to help shift your mood is by helping others. Selflessly giving and volunteering gets you out of your own head. Your thoughtful actions get stored in your mind, creating a powerful cycle of ease and motivation towards further happiness.


Pure happiness is felt once we are living our truth. We need to believe that happiness can be found just around the corner in any moment, but it requires us to stop living for others and come back to our own truths. Our ability to tap into our soul’s true desires creates a pause in the cluttered, chattering mind. It is as if the universe says: “You’ve got it. Thank you not just practicing mindfulness, but actually living it.”  How do you know whether you’re living your truth? It’s simple. Ask yourself, “Is this me? Is this really me? Is what I’m doing going to enrich my soul? Do I feel alignment and ease? Will this help me feel and create balance?” I encourage you take some time tonight or this week to stop, think and even journal on these questions. The next time you feel stuck, confused, dull or even overwhelmed, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is this my truth?”


In closing, I am honoured to share a piece of my heart with you. Enjoy!


My Happiness Prayer for You

May thoughts of gratitude pour into every moment and every cell of your blessed life.

May your dedication to a clear mind lead you to greater soul fulfillment and joy.

May you find peace and courage within when happiness temporarily eludes you.

May you remember your innate power to use your awareness to come back to your truth with even more dedication.

May you uplift all others and radiate out more peace to this world as a beacon of light.

And may happiness continue to blossom even brighter within as you become rich with experience and prosperous with wisdom. Sat Nam*



*Sat Nam is a magical phrase in Gurmukhi which means Truth is my Identity. Whisper it to yourself when you need a lift.

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