Get Back to Balance this Fall

Yesterday marks the Autumnal Equinox, one of two days a year when the sunlight and moonlight are in complete balance. This is a very unique time in which there is harmony between light and darkness, and it traditionally is also the time to celebrate the harvest. While there are very few of us actively farming crops, it is also a great time to reflect back on your hard work so far this year and enjoy the sense of accomplishment. The idea of acknowledging the Autumnal Equinox may be new to you or maybe not, but here are some ideas to help you further embrace feelings of balance during this special time of year:


  • Clear out your closet. Donate those clothes and shoes that no longer speak to you. Say goodbye to the items that you bought to look a certain way for a certain person or people. Let your wardrobe reflect your authentic self and not who you were or who you want to portray.


  • Cleanse your body. Not a starvation diet, but a cleanse where you feed your body the most nutritious soups, smoothies, stemmed veggies and salads. Nourish yourself with healthy ingredients that help bring about balance to your mind, body and soul.


  • Go volunteer. Celebrate your harvest by also giving to those who were not as fortunate as you this fall. Yogis call this “Seva,” or advanced consciousness. It is the eastern way of advancing yourself into a more mindful state by shifting yourself instead of asking the world to shift. Afterwards, consider spending time reflecting back on how you felt during and just after your community service. Remember, the world can always use a helping hand and will reward you with peace and harmony.


  • This is a simple one, yet the hardest for me. Drink lots of water. Give your kidneys some extra love this fall and continue to reach for water to further move you into a more balanced state.


  • Think gratitude. Challenge yourself every day for the next 40 days to find a single moment where you stop and close your eyes. Focus on what you want to create and find gratitude for what you have. Let those feelings of gratitude extend your aura of positivity and love.


  • Lastly, take 10 minutes and journal. Set an intention of balance for this fall. How are you going to find and make time for balance? What does balance look like for you?


I know that it is easier said than done to commit to any of these Autumnal Equinox tips. Consider that by taking the time to even read this and reflect on it, you are moving into a more mindful state.


“Wisdom tells me I am nothing, love tells me I am everything. Between the two, my life flows.” ― Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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