Don’t Sweat It

In my work with executives, I’ve heard more than one mention that sweating through their suits can be a stressful distraction. Whether it happens on a crammed tube ride in the morning or before walking into a big meeting, it is quite irritating.


In London, we still can have a few scorcher days before the fall and winter are upon us, so a practical meditation to cool the body and mind seems relevant.


One of the causes for incessant sweating is too much internal heat. The yogis call this “rajasic energy.” Chances are if the body is too hot, the mind is or will be racing with thoughts as well. We generally feel things before our mind processes thoughts. Think of the analogy of putting your hand on the stove. The parasympathetic system reacts to this stress and you will pull your hand away before the thought even reaches your brain. Therefore, the faster you can cool yourself down using the following technique, the better.


Consider the following breath meditation to calm the mind and body. It is called “Sitali Breathing” which can be interpreted as “snake breathing.”

  1. Roll the tongue together like a taco.
  2. Inhale strongly through the curled tongue and exhale through the nose. You should hear a slither sound.
  3. If you cannot roll the tongue which is a genetic predisposition, clench your teeth and inhale through the teeth. Tongue can be relaxed. You should hear a hissing sound (like a snake!)
  4. Close your eyes and feel the cooling sensations.
  5. To take it a step further, visualize ice, snow and all things cold during this cooling breath meditation. You can also focus on the color black.
  6. Continue this breath for 3 minutes up to 11 minutes.


I highly recommend practicing in the evenings before going to bed to help set the mind right for sleep and prepare for the coming day. Why not try it for 40 continuous days? Let this meditation be a tool in your stress kit  that you call upon when you need take control of the mind and body. Accept this stress challenge and work through yourself, or they say the universe will keep throwing these challenges at you. Only you can work to move your internal thermometer.

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