Divine Conversations: Listening

This post is part of a creative writing project, which has been divinely inspired by my recent studies in Chinese and Japanese philosophy.


Teacher asks, What is listening?


Student replies, It is truly hearing. It is open hearted with no response ready to go in the mind so there is time and space to comprehend. It is making an effort to hear, consciously hear.


Teacher asks, Why is it that listening and hearing can be confused?


Student replies, People do not understand and do not have experiences of truly listening. With efforts of listening, things change.


Teacher responds, Touching is experienced externally, on the outside. Similar to hearing. Feeling is experienced on the inside. Similar to listening.


Thoughts for reflection: Do you understand the idea of external and internal? Or the idea of your outward self and your inward self? Sit in a quiet, peaceful place and ponder.

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