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Stressxit? Keep it in Perspective

It has been a little over a month since the British people narrowly decided to leave the European Union. The initial chaos has slowly quieted as the government works to figure out what Brexit actually entails, but the division created by stark differences in opinions...

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Be Mindful During Your Commute

Commuting. Standing on a crowded train, feeling like a sardine packed in a tin. Sitting in traffic, surrounded by aggressive, impatient drivers and trying to keep your cool. The lack of control we feel when we are running late and there’s nothing we can do...

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There’s a Way through Every Block

We all have days when we feel insignificant, or that we just did not do enough. Maybe time escaped us, or maybe we were just feeling uninspired. Instead of letting thoughts of hopelessness manifest, I encourage you to see these moments as opportunities instead of...